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Schoolly D - Welcome To America (1994)

Welcome To America (1994)


This album was released after Schoolly’s fifth album How A Black Man Feels. It featured Schoolly D’s single Another Sign. Production is done by Schoolly D and Mike Tyler. Lance “Code Money” Allen co-produces the songs I Know You Want To Kill Me, and No Good Nigga

1. Intro

This starts off with sampled scratches by Code Money from Schoolly D’s earlier works. Schoolly D shouts out Philly thugs, bitches, and hoes.

2. I Wanna Get Dusted

The instrumental is dark, black, and solemn. In this song Schoolly D’s overly misogynistic lyrics are evident. Schoolly D’s first verse is about how Schoolly D tempts a woman into sexual intercourse with him, and finally shoots the woman. Schoolly D dubs himself the “Crack-Bitch Killa.

3. I Know You Want To Kill Me

Schoolly D spits about how his mother wants to kill him, gangstas that want to kill him, and he embraces it like a motherfucker. The instrumental is a shadowy, glimpse of street life, with a looped bass guitar, and organ piano notes.

4. Welcome To America

Schoolly D dismisses Washington D.C, claiming none of them give a fuck about a black community. He takes the listener into a glimpse of his life, whether fucking hoes, talk-trashing punk niggas, and pulling gats.
“America was raised on the blood of the black slave

5. Niggas Like Me

Schoolly D asks the difference between a bitch and a black woman. Schoolly D’s overly misogynistic are in effect again. The hook provided by back up singers reps Schoolly D’s dick. Schoolly D spits saying how his lifestyle will never switch, from selling crack to his neighbor, to feeding his kid.
“Fuck the NCAAP, what they doing for a nigga like me?”

6. Gangsta Trippin

Schoolly D raps about getting gats, marijuana, and niggas on the avenue. The guest rapper (Couldn’t Find Him on the Credits) ras about shooting a rival hoodlum, suspecting him of murdering one of his buddies. The instrumental is very comparable to the rest of the album, a dark, eerie, and downbeat sound.

7. Gimme Your Shit Nigga

A hard rock guitar looped to the instrumental makes for a rock-rap song. Schoolly D raps about his game, pussy, and fake niggas, who pretend to be tough. By this time, I don’t think we’ve heard Schoolly D address a female by the word “miss” or “ma'am”, rather just using “bitch”

8. No Good Nigga

Schoolly D raps about living in the ghetto with his gat, and his fling with white women. He’s thinking with his dick, but he doesn’t give a fuck

9. I Shot Da Bitch

Schoolly D raps about a woman who decides to hand out with Schoolly D at his crib. They both get high, and drunk, and Schoolly D wants the woman to provide sexual intercourse with him. The song fast forwards around a week, he sees the woman, and being the crazy animal Schoolly D portrays, he shoots her while she was in her car. Finally he finds out he has contracted the AIDS virus, and decides he should commit suicide

10. Motherfuckin D

Schoolly D invites the listener to fight with him, but warns that one should bring a gun. From fucking women, to getting into fights, Schoolly D reps his own badassness

11. Stop Frontin

There are two interludes in this song, the first which pauses the beat, and brings the scenario into two men who murder a woman in the street, after she declined to give her car to them two.
The second interlude shows a side of police brutality, in which the police officer shoots several men, background screams can be heard.
Through this song, Schoolly D tells the listener about two hood stories, in which a woman and man both meet their fate, by violence, whether it be from a police department, or the hoodlums themselves

12. Peace of What

Schoolly asks the listener how can one say “peace” while living in the hood, where violence runs into many people. With scratches sampling Tim Dog, the song only runs over 2 minutes.

12. Another Sign

The last song of this album, Schoolly D touches a more serious topic. He claims that his sister has already gave into promiscuous relationships, because their father wouldn’t care for them. How his mother tried to save the family by going to church. This song is a more heart felt song, compared to the more violent, sexually explicit songs portrayed in this album. Schoolly D asks himself whether a nigga like himself should be smoking and drinking.
This song is portrayed as a society, which the family is the basic unit of a society, and even his family cannot be bonded together, thus society is not bonded together
“Before he says daddy, the little nigga might say gun”

Overall Rating (Outro)

Though Schoolly D’s lyricalness is pretty evident, and his flow is outdated, this piece of work shows a young black male trapped in the ghetto being brainwashed by his own values, not realizing the dangers and consequences of promiscuous relationships, violence, and drugs


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