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Schoolly D - "Another Sign" Song Analysis

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Another sign is either the first or second single released from Schoolly D’s 1994 albumWelcome To America. It is also the last track of the album. It is produced by Schoolly D and Eric Tyler.
This song in a way portrayed a society, which the family is the basic unit of a society, and even Schoolly D’s family cannot be bonded together, thus society is not bonded together

Recollection on Schoolly D’s Family

Throughout the song, Schoolly D recollects memories, information, and thoughts about himself and his family, which is teared apart from their actions as individuals. Take this line from the first verse, where Schoolly D’s sister is sexually promiscuous, yet her father ignores her actions
“Say wassup to my lil' sis
13 and already knocked up
But the little black daddy don’t give a fuck”
Both his father and sister seem to rather have a lack of affection for each other, since his father does not care for his daughter, and his daughter does not seek attention or care for her problems.
Schoolly D lastly mentions his little sister in the second verse, where he claims that she is a drug dealer
“Sis on the corner, tryin to sling rock”
In the first and second verse, Schoolly D digs deeper into his father, dismissing his status as a father…
“But I never knew my daddy
Nah, all I knew was some nigga in a Caddy
Stopped by every year by Christmas
Talkin that bullshit he missed us”
then finally from his last verse of the song, Schoolly D disses his father
“Now to the nigga in the Caddy who said he was my daddy
Here’s a little messge from your laddie
Fuck you, why should I bother?
What the fuck I need with a punk-ass father”

Recollection of Schoolly D

As for himself, Schoolly D dwells on his past such as his homies, and the fact that he both smokes marijuana, and beer, causing him to question whether it is a healthy situation and decision
“I sit back and start thinkin
Damn, should a nigga be smokin and drinkin?”
 — Verse 1
“I start thinkin and thinkin and thinkin
My man, I wish that I was drinkin
With my niggas, all of my homies”
 — Verse 2
Schoolly D scopes into his situation on his daughter, and son, while only a brief mention, it is a dark, and grim glimpse into society itself
“I got a daughter and a son
Before he say ‘daddy’, little nigga might say gun”


Through this song, Schoolly D describes the problems of a family unit growing up in ghetto neighborhoods, admist of drugs, violence, and sex. Schoolly D himself portrays a young black male, living a wrong path, a wrong life, eyeing the root problems of society, which is a family unit

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