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MellowHype- BlackenedWhite (2011)

MellowHype - BlackenedWhite (2011)

The duo Mellowhype from Odd Future decided to start their second album BlackenedWhiteto be physically re-released with 11 songs, totaling to 31 minutes and 7 seconds. Not even half the length of Tyler the Creator’s sophomore album Goblin

1. Primo

“I see the world, it’s in my hands”
Hodgy Beats takes the listener into a persepective of his lifestyle, a downbeat instrumental produced by Left Brain, it makes for a great, short introduction to a great, short album

2. GunSounds

Hodgy Beats flow is attacking, obnoxious and threatening. Left Brain produces another great instrumental, a type of song that is great to bump in your car, but still enough to listen in your iPod

3. Brain

With Domo Genesis giving a gentle, relaxed flow in contrast to Hodgy Beats energetic, speedier flow, the song blends well with Left Brain’s instrumental accompanied by piano notes

4. 64

While I shoot it like a porno bitch with cool whip, shit

5. Loaded

Featuring Mike G, the two styles glance, but remain distinctive, Left Brain does it again with his instrumental

6. Deaddeputy

Hodgy Beats never has the best lyrics, but makes up for it with flow, energetic stance, and style. The two steal the show, and Jasper Dolphin talking shit at the end of the track is priceless

7. Right Here

Calm instrumental, Hodgy raps on the hooks, great instrumental, Hodgy doesn’t exactly kill it with his verses, but makes up with some cray hooks

8. Igotagun

Hodgy Beat’s flow is untouchable by any other Odd Future member, Left Brain pulls of a car-bumper

9. F666 the Police

Featuring Tyler the Creator, Left Brain makes a good instrumental, but Tyler and Hodgy aren’t at their best

10. Rico

Abstract production from Left Brain, Hodgy speaks on a few social conscious topics, Frank Ocean is a nice calm addition to a song already great

11. Circus

la, la, la, la, la, laa
Left Brain also raps…

Overall Rating (Outro)

Great sophomore album by the duo Mellowhype, although they only make 30 minutes in length, with some cut tracks, they formulate a half-hour listen with energetic raps, and some of the finest instrumentals produced by Left Brain, it’s a top 3 for me in Odd Future releases

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