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Souls of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge (2009)

Montezuma’s Revenge (2009)


The Hieroglyphics sub-group from Oakland, California, released their 5th studio albumalong with their regular producers and Prince Paul who is depicted on the album’s cover. The Souls of Mischief are back at it again, showing off their style, from showcasing braggadocio raps to their song Tour Stories, Souls of Mischief crafted a fresh album for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and all those other years.

1. Intro

I ain’t going to rate this, but it has a hell of a jazzy tune with it’s laid back piano, no members introduce themselves, it’s a simple beat, it’s a shame they wouldn’t rap over this

2. Won!

A hard rock sample, the beat is thick, Opio spits the first verse, his flow is dope, the lyrics phat, he raps about the tree and at the end of his verse cries to legalize it (I Hope California is listening). Phesto follows with the second verse, his flow even seems better. He also takes the third verse, spittin on MC-Bitches their crap. A-Plus raps the fourth claiming the stripes

3. Postal

A nice beat, you can hear the violins soothing the drum pattern. Souls Of Mischief raps about certain girls who make them go crazy (not in a good way). Tajai raps about a women who is insecure about herself, then gets in a bad situation with Tajai. Opio takes the spot for second verse, his rhyme schemes are great, and follows the topic. Phesto shows some insecurity claiming he can’t be himself around her, and claims that love hurts. This song is something a man or woman can relate to, this type of song can turn an album into a treasure

4. Tour Stories

With in-house producer Domino, the instrumental makes the song relaxing and introspective, which fits the topic perfectly, by each member telling a story about their tours, from good times to bad times. A-Plus takes the first verse, Opio takes the second, rapping about drinking and chilling, Phesto takes the third & fourth, talking about rocking venues when he was first starting

5. Skit

Couldn’t find it on youtube, I’m guessing it’s a skit

6. Proper Aim

A guitar sample, proper aim is a proper song for a proper album for a proper group. Phesto’s flow is untouchable, Opio spits rhymes that shakes competition, A-Plus rhyme schemes is out of this world, and Tajai’s swiftness is slick. Each member spits one verse, destroying the microphone into pieces

7. You Got It

The instrumental is funky, a unique drum pattern and sound. Opio and A-Plus spits their verses without any fear, their dope any they know it. Phesto taking the third verse talks about sex and women, Souls of Mischief are in control of this song, they deliver flow, braggadocio type lyrics, and the instrumental produced by A-Plus crafts a song untouchable by many rappers, and crews, Souls of Mischief got it

8. Hiero HQ

This beat has a new school feel to it, the instrumental relies on clinks and clanks of pots and pans. A-Plus takes first, then Phesto, with a hook, then Tajai, and Opio. This song is dope, their braggadocio’s are on top, their flows fit nicely, listening to Souls of Mischief is a Bay Area treat.

9. Poets Skit

Another one

10. Poets

The instrumental is great, Tajai takes the first verse, doing his braggadocio. Opio takes the second verse, following a hook. After comes A-Plus, then finally Phesto’s verse in the song, rapping about mary jane. If you haven’t heard to song check it out, the hook is bad-ass.
Do you got some weed nigga?!?! ” — Phesto
11. Freeman Skit
“By the way, in my next movie I’m fucking a white girl” — Morgan Freeman

12. Fourmation

This instrumental is dope Braggadocio range varies, Souls of Mischief again showcase their lyrics, their flow takes a moderate pace for this track. There’s no good structured verse with each member either taking 2-5 lines each time they spit. The title is even a play on the word “Formation”, so I’ll give em an extra rating for that

13. Dead Man Walkin'

A piano sample, and thrusting bass sound introduced this track, with member Opio talking about getting out of jail. A Plus claims “Walking' with Devils and Angels”. They spit knowledge, this track is fresh, Souls of Mischief have done it again

14. For Real Y'All

The drum pattern is quite simple, the instrumental is soulful (backround singing), you even got a sample of Raekwon saying “for real y'all”, the instrumental produced by Opio is flat-out amazing, and enchanting. In other words its trippy. Souls of Mischief lyricaly content is nasty, they produce their own track, and murdered it.

15. Lickity Split

The instrumental is soothing, this is a topic continuation of Postal, where women troubles the Souls of Mischief members. This instrumental is produced by the one and only Prince Paul
“All she wanted to do is kick it and shit
Now I’m about to get rid of her like lickety split”
 — SOM

16. Home Game

Tajai starts off his verse, this beat is simply inducing, and somewhat familiar. The drum pattern is relaxed, this is a signature in this album, as Prince Paul also produces this track. The hook features A Plus rapping, along with some scratching. This song is about good times, whether with their crew, or a girl, Souls of Mischief make another good song.

17. Outro

This track is the same instrumental used in the intro, surprisingly Del The Funkee Homosapien gives a shout out to all the playa-hatas, and finally telling the audience to “get the fuck outta here”

18. Lalala

Tajai taking the first part, Opio following, then Phesto, then A-Plus (4 bar — 8 bar verses) their rhyme schemes are slick, the hook is so damn cool. It has an acoustic guitar sample, they rap about braggadocio, if this were a burrito, it would be a good burrito, I ain’t talking bout no Chipotle food shit either… I mean a GREAT burrito

Overall Rating (Outro)

Although with a few skits in between (The Freeman Skit made me laugh) Souls of Mischief do it again, they formulate album that stills gives a great vibe to the listener. With intricate rhyme schemes at times, and flow, Souls of Mischief is a fun group to listen whether it be talk on going Postal on their Girl, or being A Poet, they capture an element of art. This album is classic.


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